The Infinite Trip

Pete - Lead Guitars,Synths,Samples,Drum Programming,Production and Artwork


Lead Guitarist and Synths and the Producer of all the Albums and Tracks. 

Recording and Mixing,Mastering.

Also does Artwork and Videos.

Many years experience and also has worked on solo projects in other genres.

Jules - All Vocals, Songwriting , Arranging, Drum Arrangements, Bass, Rhythm Guitars


Writes all the lyrics and the first basic draft of the songs.

Bass guitar, Rhythm guitar, Drum arrangements.

All of the vocals.

The Infinite Trip - Team work: How we make tracks

The basics are covered in the individual bio's but it should be pointed out that we both work together on all aspects of our output.

Jules lays out a basic song structure and the lyrics and vocal line but everything else is is then worked layer by layer in the studio between the two of us working together.

That way each has an input over what the other person is providing and we reach a joint decision on the final outcome.

Fortunately we both have the same tastes in our music so this works out very well in the main.